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Relief for Auto Accident Injuries in Clarksville, Indiana

Auto Accidents

Car Accidents Can Cause Major Spinal Damage

Neck pain and back pain occur when the force of an auto accident knocks or whips the musculoskeletal system out of proper alignment.
Approximately 50% of whiplash patients reported chronic neck pain 15 years after the trauma. Clinical studies also suggest that whiplash trauma can accelerate disc degeneration.

Customized Therapy Programs

Not only does the abrupt movement of a car accident knock the spine out of alignment, but it also strains the neck muscles, causing further stiffness, soreness, and pain.
We are able to customize a therapy program based on your specific neuromuscular and skeletal conditions to get you back on the path to good health.

Enjoy Long-Term Pain Relief With Chiropractic Care

Traditional medical care after an auto accident injury relies on medication to cover up symptoms.
While prescription painkillers are effective at providing immediate pain relief, they are not a long-term pain management solution. Chiropractic care can provide the long-term solution you're looking for.
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